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When the Light Ends DEMO

Posted by Pure-Metal-UTA - February 13th, 2012

The Pure Metal Up The Ass Album is still in the works, but I figured I should try and get a band going to actually play these songs live (Darkness Spawned ended, won't get into details). So my plan of action in order to do that is to make a demo album with a story called When the Light Ends.
Part 1 (When the Light Ends) is about a curse on an unspecified town where the people are forced asleep so that their bodies can do the curse's bidding - destroying the town and therefore all of their hard-earned livings.

Part 2 (Hypnotorture) gets into the details about what happens to the people themselves as their sleeping bodies are destroying the town. Compared to the other 2, this one has a script.

Part 3 (The Curse on this Town) is trying to put an end to the curse.

I personally really love the story and Part 1's been my favorite song since I made it. Every time I work on these songs more ideas about the town and the curse keep popping into my head. BUT I'm going to leave it at 3 parts, that's it that's all. Once you hear all 3 parts it should be pretty clear why I should leave it at that... but who knows when all 3 parts'll be up.
There is one detail that i refuse to explain that isn't in any of the songs and that it the curse's origins which will forever remain in the town. Any other questions regarding the story just ask if you really feel inclined to, but there's not much point until I get all 3 released.

BACK TO THE MAIN POINT though. I intend to use this demo to attract talent around town and the surrounding area to get a band going to record and play these and the other songs in Pure Metal Up The Ass... Hoping for the best!

Stay METAL!!!

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Best of luck to ya! I plan on releasing a 5 song ep soon too! Also finding people who have the same vision as you is hard. But thankfully to today's technology we don't need them. Best of luck to you again! \m/

Same to you man!