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When it goes into the psyche I would blame the relationship going astry on the husband. When the nanny enters the room the wife does look extremely depressed, and during the dinner the husband looked bored. Once the cat ran out with the head the husband made her go get it as though it was all her fault and her responsibility In that sense he is at the least verbally abusive. And in that time period, women didn't really get their say in things, they were controlled by their man. She was fed up and wanted more and obviously the mutant looking thingy had that and it swept her away with just a pleasant dance. Ya completely the husband's fault.
There are things that may be overlooked by some that brings out more detail in the story. If you're going for it again with a new story, try and make these little details stand out a bit more. Good work though!

Doesn't have to be for voice acting, can also be for recording songs as well. Rather than rugs for the floor I have clothes, I never would have thought that it would help though! For the walls you can also use egg cartons which can work similarly to acoustic foam. I'm saving up my egg cartons for sure.
Nice info! Fave'd

This is funny BUT

This isn't funny, it's hilarious, and I like how there's actually some plot going on now.
The thing I don't like about this is that after having the learning experience of a lifetime that those kids had in the magic school bus, they wouldn't have gone absolutely retarded. Sure they could have the personalities portrayed in the flash but they could also have passed that math test.
Keep making more, they're funny!

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That made my day, thank you very much!

TomFulp responds:

Thanks for giving it a whirl!

Horrible controls

The concept's neat, but I have issues getting past the first stage even on easy. The time you're supposed to hit and the song itself is extremely off. And once you take too many hits and the music starts to die down, it's nearly impossible to get back on track because you have no rythm to follow.
Now where can I turn off the FX to try and make it run faster? I don't see it, so then how can I make this work?
Fix this, please! It looks like a fun game to play, but the shitty controls ruin it.

Good concept!

Few things that lost that 10th point:
1) Glitches everywhere, after level 4 I got stuck where I was supposed to be squished: I went to the gate behind me and was able to stand up. Couldn't get to where I needed to go. So I restarted it
2) The boss monster thing you have to groundpound and such was really hard to get him in the right places.
If that monster thing was the last boss, then it was relatively short, oh and I didn't find all the codes. Which leads me to assume that it's not the last boss.
Either way, fix the bugs and you should be good to go as it is. Maybe make that boss easier.

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Haven't heard 80's-90's black

At least not like the quality you mentioned (if I even have before)
Honestly though, I see potential in this song, I'd like to see this longer and with better production.

seel responds:

Thanks, yeah the production was intentionally bad, I was actually going to remake it with better quality and make it longer but never got around to doing that.
If you want to hear some 80s black, youtube Immortal blashyrkh, and call of the wintermoon, silly gaylords ensued. Contrary to popular belief it's actually harder than one might think to get down to their level of shitty production without it just sounding like noise though.

Great effect!

Since it's not your fault your competitor dropped out I'm still taking the time to review this song.
Composition: I have to say throughout the entire first half of the song the progression really stands out over everything. It's simple, but something about it really seems to make it stand out. It isn't the progression that gives it the dark atmosphere, it's everything else, the reverb you have on the instruments at the first half just really sets the tone. The percussion even though it would seem that it would be something in DnB just gives it a darkish effect that I really can't explain further, especially near the end of the song. Overall this is a dark song and I would not want to hear this as a busy tone, that would creep me right the fuck out.

Mastering/Instrumentation: All I can say is that if you picked different instruments or mastered it differently, it wouldn't have the same effect on the song, so good work!

One part bothered me, but it was still good!

Composition: The piano at the beginning is very nice, good melody you have going on there, then all of a sudden it built up into something of crazy awesome proportions. Sounds like you kept the same melody in that part as at the beginning. The parts after 1:30 the composition was fairly well done, despite the downsides to it (see below), then you hit the dubstep part, here I could tell that there was wobble in there, but I think that since you set that to a higher octave than the normal dubstep wobble pitch, it was kinda hard to tell it was there. Yeah there's not a single thing I can pinpoint that's out of place for the composition, well done!

Instrumentation: Can't complain, everything complemented everything else just fine... Up until the one part from 1:30 - 2:30 where the main seems kinda compressed and unsuiting for the part. Other than that, it's just really good.

Mastering: For a while during the first part, everything remained consistant, then around 1:52 it blared up, something about it just seemed very loud compared to the part before and past the 2:30 mark where you went dubstep style. Past that, it's fiarly consistant and suiting, just that one part that seems off from the rest.

Good work!

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