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Posted by Pure-Metal-UTA - August 25th, 2013

Wel I've decided to put Pure Metal on the side to start on a different, much longer project.
It will be a story spanning 7 albums, with a story in each album to go with the main story
First story I have is The Battle, like the shitty picture I have here.

1) When the Light Ends
2) The Curse on This Town
3) The Only Innocent Man
4) The Monument
5) Mountains of Boder
6) Trials of Majesty
7) First Bloodshed
8) Khangor the Annihlator
9) Forest Battle
10) Soulsucker

I learned some new shit when i went to the city for apprenticeship school and I knew I'd get bored re-recording Pure Metal so I'm going with a fresh start in the direction I've been wanting to go this whole time.

I've been applying what I've learned and have made much progress. Most of the album has been recorded, the only things I'm missing are the voice acting in The Only Innocent Man and Trials of Majesty, and the bagpipes in SoulSucker.

Go HERE to hear Mountains of Boder


Posted by Pure-Metal-UTA - September 7th, 2012

Things have started to slow down. Lately I've been focusing on work more than music so the most I've really gotten done in the last months was tweaking the songs I've recorded to try and make them better. I ended up changing the arrangement of When the Light Ends and rerecorded the entire song.
At this point right now I've finished recording the guitars on the Ode to Bacon, but my bass guitar is really fucked up and some notes hit much louder than others. It's annoying and it might even show in my songs. I've been trying to compensate by enveloping the volume, but it's very tedious and not entirely accurate. I have a bass test with the envelope to test out on other speakers that I'll be trying out tomorrow. As for the rest of the songs I've screwed with my EQing on the guitars and made the palm mutes sound even with the open notes.

Before I finish Bacon though, I intend to finish EQing When the Light Ends and The Curse on this Town so I can release the single onto iTunes.

Posted by Pure-Metal-UTA - February 20th, 2012

Another update. I've done a lot of work and have 6 songs pretty well completed. and I have them up on the site... for now. I've found that I have some serious EQing to do. I found this out in my sister's car, which has some pretty shitty speakers. But out of all the songs on my phone, my songs were the only ones that sounded like shit. So I figure that the only way to really fix that is to EQ in my sister's car. Then they'll be perfect in my ears.
1) When the Light Ends
2) Ode to Bacon - Starting Recording
3) Feral Children - Haven't Recorded
4) Memories of the Stars (Final version not on NG)
5) The Guilty - Haven't Recorded
6) Deathmatch - Haven't Recorded
7) Robot Death Machine - Trying to get a more robot sounding voice though FL, and I also plan on making the guitars louder since they all sound drowned out by the synths
8) These Dear Old Pipes of Mine - I need to find a proper way to set up my mics to record the drones and the chanter so they sound even. Other than that still haven't started recording.
9) The Curse on this Town
10) Cemetery Gates (Pantera) - Gotta redo the vocals and the final dives.
11) Episode 666 (In Flames)
11) Stickerbrush Symphony (David Wise, DKC2)

Also the When the Light Ends DEMO, Thinking up a concept design for the album cover
1) When the Light Ends
2) Hypnotorture - I'm not actually going to make this a song anymore, rather a script to put in with the lyrics of the other 2 songs.
3) The Curse on this Town

Posted by Pure-Metal-UTA - February 13th, 2012

The Pure Metal Up The Ass Album is still in the works, but I figured I should try and get a band going to actually play these songs live (Darkness Spawned ended, won't get into details). So my plan of action in order to do that is to make a demo album with a story called When the Light Ends.
Part 1 (When the Light Ends) is about a curse on an unspecified town where the people are forced asleep so that their bodies can do the curse's bidding - destroying the town and therefore all of their hard-earned livings.

Part 2 (Hypnotorture) gets into the details about what happens to the people themselves as their sleeping bodies are destroying the town. Compared to the other 2, this one has a script.

Part 3 (The Curse on this Town) is trying to put an end to the curse.

I personally really love the story and Part 1's been my favorite song since I made it. Every time I work on these songs more ideas about the town and the curse keep popping into my head. BUT I'm going to leave it at 3 parts, that's it that's all. Once you hear all 3 parts it should be pretty clear why I should leave it at that... but who knows when all 3 parts'll be up.
There is one detail that i refuse to explain that isn't in any of the songs and that it the curse's origins which will forever remain in the town. Any other questions regarding the story just ask if you really feel inclined to, but there's not much point until I get all 3 released.

BACK TO THE MAIN POINT though. I intend to use this demo to attract talent around town and the surrounding area to get a band going to record and play these and the other songs in Pure Metal Up The Ass... Hoping for the best!

Stay METAL!!!

Posted by Pure-Metal-UTA - November 11th, 2011

Got internet, got my computer working, and I'm installing all my music stuff back onto my computer. My files were saved too!
So my main focus right now is to finish my album, here's the list again
1. Wandering Winds
2. Feral Children
3.Memories of the Stars [mastering]
4. When The Light Ends [Recorded] (Demo Posted)
5. Deathmatch
6. Robot Death Machine [working on vocals]
7. The Curse on This Town (WtLE2) [Starting]
8. These Dear Old Pipes of Mine
9. A Shrine to Madness (Black Dahlia Murder) [Rather this than I Will Return]
10. Episode 666 (In Flames) [Recorded]
11. Stickerbrush Symphony (Donkey Kong Country 2)

Stay Metal! \m/

Posted by Pure-Metal-UTA - March 24th, 2011

Bad news, I don't have internet at home and I got a decent paying job in the oilfield, so I won't have much time to do online stuff.
But I've been working on my album during my time off and I've been making decent progress, I have 4 songs nearly completed and I have a list of songs that I've already written.
1. Wandering Winds
3.Memories of the Stars [mastering]
4. When The Light Ends [Recorded] (Demo Posted)
5. Deathmatch
6. Robot Death Machine [working on vocals]
7. The Curse on This Town (WtLE2)
8. These Dear Old Pipes of Mine
9. I Will Return (Black Dahlia Murder)
10. Episode 666 (In Flames) [Recorded]
11. Stickerbrush Symphony (Donkey Kong Country 2)

I have a few bonus songs that'll be released in my town and the neigbouring town, and then I'll try to get this list plus the unwritten ones onto iTunes.
Bye for now!

Posted by Pure-Metal-UTA - May 7th, 2010

And we're off!
Boss Battle Theme (Sample)
Heavy 1 (Sample)
Power Metal 1
In Despair (YuGiOh RL Credits Theme)

I'll post music at your request, almost regardless of genre
If you wish to have a song made, PM me what you'd like
I also lurk the Audio Forums to see if there's anyone looking

I only have made songs in 2 genres. I'll be broadening my range of Genres (to all but Rap and Country) over time, so just wait.
I'll just post 4 links, 1 of my best classical songs, 1 of my most popular classical song (most listens), and the same for heavy metal.
Samples of what I can do
Memories of the Stars
Funeral in the Storm

Moonshield Cover
Ode to Bacon

I'll post music at your request!