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Entry #7

Long time since

2013-08-25 14:10:53 by Pure-Metal-UTA

Wel I've decided to put Pure Metal on the side to start on a different, much longer project.
It will be a story spanning 7 albums, with a story in each album to go with the main story
First story I have is The Battle, like the shitty picture I have here.

1) When the Light Ends
2) The Curse on This Town
3) The Only Innocent Man
4) The Monument
5) Mountains of Boder
6) Trials of Majesty
7) First Bloodshed
8) Khangor the Annihlator
9) Forest Battle
10) Soulsucker

I learned some new shit when i went to the city for apprenticeship school and I knew I'd get bored re-recording Pure Metal so I'm going with a fresh start in the direction I've been wanting to go this whole time.

I've been applying what I've learned and have made much progress. Most of the album has been recorded, the only things I'm missing are the voice acting in The Only Innocent Man and Trials of Majesty, and the bagpipes in SoulSucker.

Go HERE to hear Mountains of Boder


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